What we do


Octavius RE exists for the sole purpose of helping people make smart decisions about their Audio Visual Strategy and System design.  In many circumstances clients do not have prior knowledge or expertise in Audio Visual technology so are heavily reliant on installers to identify their requirements and translate that into a system design.  Too often we see clients work on the basis that if you send three companies the same brief and set of drawings you will get three comparable AV systems that will all have the same functionality.  Many learn at their cost this is not the case.

Whatever your business and whatever your budget, you are investing in an Audio Visual system and that investment should yield a return whether it be financial or otherwise.  If that system does not meet the commercial needs of your business then your money has not been well spent and you will inevitably find that you spend more money to put the shortcomings right.  In addition to that extra cost is the time overhead and business disruption created when you have to go back to a finished installation and make changes.  Any savings made in the project process have now been rendered nil.

Good design will always work and be simple to operate.  If you do not have a well designed system your staff will not be to operate it properly and perhaps will stop using it altogether and find ‘workarounds’ that may affect the quality of your concept/offering.  Aside from that are the unseen costs of management time taken to constantly be getting problems fixed or equipment in to fill the gaps.  How much time is acceptable for managers to be pulled away from their core job in order to sort out AV problems?