Why you should work with us


We are an independent consultancy with no allegiances with specific brands or installers.  We can give you unbiased advice on products, strategy, system design or how to pick your installer.


We strive to ensure your system fits your commercial requirements in terms of performance,versatility, reliability and life cycle.  A well thought system should be relevant and reliable for 5-10 years depending on the nature of your business.


Building in additional infrastructure at the beginning also means the system can adapt and evolve over time as your requirements evolve but with minimal business disruption and minimal additional cost.


Our lead AV architect, Emma Bigg has spent the last decade establishing, developing and managing the London Audio Visual Installation business for SSE Audio Group.  Its during this time that she had the opportunity to work with many interesting and varied clients such as Phillips Auctioneers, Novus Leisure, D&D London, Casual Dining Group, Proud Galleries; The Astoria; Soho House Group; Doubletree by Hilton; Hix, Capital Hill Hotel Group and so on.  Using this knowledge and experience we can advise on enhancements you can make to your system so it can be a USP for your venue and potentially generate an uplift in income.


We have significant experience in working with multi-site groups.  We can create a system template for your concept that can be rolled out across different sites using local installers but achieving the same consistency of installation.  This allows staff to move between sites with ease as they don’t have to learn a new set of controls or adapt to a completely different system.


We can provide guidance on how to buy in service and maintenance to ensure the correct level of support for your organisation UK wide; good management and tracking of all AV assets in repair; what brands to use to ensure you get good warranty terms and manufacturer support;  thinking about longevity in terms access to spare parts and accessories over a 5 year period to ensure you can continue to maintain your equipment and do not have to constantly replace and upgrade.
We can help create a system and support structure to ensure your staff spend the minimal amount of time managing AV so they can completely focus on their jobs.  We can also help with procurement and is where and how to procure consumables, additional equipment to achieve best value for money.