We can help by providing the following services:

Audio Visual Design and Specification

  • Technical Specification
  • Research and Evaluation into new technologies and innovative solutions
  • Design, Layout and Planning
  • Project Delivery and Budget Management
  • Designing in Noise Management solutions



  • Evaluation of existing installations
  • Re-engineering and augmentation of the system to improve functionality


Tender Evaluation

  • Guiding you through comparing and evaluating tenders to ensure you have a complete understanding of differences before making a decision.
  • Writing specifications for tender to ensure it covers all your requirements in detail to ensure you get accurate quotes back.
  • Evaluating whether you are getting good value for money.


Project Delivery

  • Review of all plans and specifications to ensure they are accurate and meet the brief
  • Working with QS or Project manager to coordinate on-site works
  • Tracking budget and procurement over project life-cycle


Noise Management

  • Evaluating existing installations to identify why you are getting noise problems
  • Designing a solution to reduce noise leakage and improve noise management



Procurement & Asset Management

  • Evaluating existing AV assets on the basis of whether to service maintain or replace and upgrade.
  • Identifying the correct brands to use to get best value for money and best post installation support.
  • Looking at multi-site solutions


Service and Maintenance

  • Evaluating quality of existing service and maintenance support.
  • Establishing a global approach to service & maintenance
  • Assisting in negotiation of Service contracts to get best value for money
  • Introduction of proper asset tracking for repairs and off-site servicing
  • Reviewing purchasing procedures to ensure you getting best value for money